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N95 Maskfit Testing in Brampton

Qualitative N95 Mask Fit Testing N95 masks are a critical piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in various industries, including healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. The N95 designation means that the masks filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, making them effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, [...]

N95 Maskfit Testing in Brampton2023-02-05T18:55:36-05:00

Online First Aid CPR Training

The Online First Aid CPR Training is a blended course offered by the Canadian Red Cross. During COVID-19, WSIB currently accepts the Online Component of the Blended First Aid and CPR course as a valid certificate. The blended (online/in-class) courses offered are for both the Standard First Aid Full Certification and Recertifications. These blended (online/in-class) [...]

Online First Aid CPR Training2021-07-11T03:49:59-04:00

Different Levels of CPR Training

Before registering, it is important for students to know levels of CPR. There are 4 Levels of CPR which includes Level A, B, C and BLS. These levels are targeted to a particular audience since the general public is not getting the same training as those in the medical field. Levels of CPR [...]

Different Levels of CPR Training2021-07-09T14:24:41-04:00

Security Guard Training Brampton

Learn more information about Security Guard Training requirements and practice working as Security Guard in Brampton. You’re probably aware that many professions require mandatory CPR training. Lifeguards, medical personnel, paramedics…but did you know that security guards are that category? That’s right, in order to obtain your Security Guard License in Ontario, you need to have [...]

Security Guard Training Brampton2021-07-09T14:27:15-04:00

COVID-19 CPR Training Update

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Brampton First Aid CPR wanted to provide cpr training update to our students. As per Heart and Stroke Foundation and Red Cross Recommendation, we will be postpone our scheduled CPR classes for the month of March 2020. This is to ensure safety of our students and staff members, we will [...]

COVID-19 CPR Training Update2021-07-09T14:28:40-04:00

Best Place To Get Standard First Aid and CPR Training

Many people often give an excuse that they want to get standard first aid and cpr training but can’t find a suitable place. Well, if it is not an excuse and you really are struggling to find a trustworthy, certified place, let us outline the factors to consider while choosing a first aid and CPR [...]

Best Place To Get Standard First Aid and CPR Training2021-07-11T03:51:51-04:00

BLS Certification Online

Heart and Stroke Foundation provides Blended Learning option for individuals interested in BLS Certifcation online. The Basic life support (BLS) blended learning combines online learning and in-classroom training together. BLS certification uses a variety of eLearning tools and media such as videos and includes an online exam module. BLS Certification Online Heart and [...]

BLS Certification Online2021-07-09T14:34:36-04:00

5 Reasons to take CPR Training

5 Reasons to take CPR Training CPR training is not just for medical professionals. It is very much for non-medical people as well. You acknowledge how crucial CPR training is when you see an individual loss and pass out because of a heart attack and you are helpless to do anything since you [...]

5 Reasons to take CPR Training2020-11-28T14:02:56-05:00

What is CAB Sequence of CPR?

CAB Sequence of CPR What is CAB Sequence of CPR? If you were trained in CPR prior to 2010, you might wonder why did the steps of CPR change to ABCs to CAB Sequence. According to Highlights of Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First Aid and CPR.The recommended sequence is to initiate chest compressions [...]

What is CAB Sequence of CPR?2019-12-20T04:20:31-05:00

What is First Aid CPR Training?

First Aid CPR Training First aid course equips you with knowledge about handing the initial stages of illness or injury. Training will include lifestyle saving tactics and treatment of illnesses and harms. First aid training is not just for medical professionals. In order for you to save a lifetime today, you must [...]

What is First Aid CPR Training?2019-12-21T02:48:44-05:00