Online First Aid CPR Training

The Online First Aid CPR Training is a blended course offered by the Canadian Red Cross. During COVID-19, WSIB currently accepts the Online Component of the Blended First Aid and CPR course as a valid certificate. The blended (online/in-class) courses offered are for both the Standard First Aid Full Certification and Recertifications. These blended (online/in-class) [...]

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Best Place To Get Standard First Aid and CPR Training

Many people often give an excuse that they want to get standard first aid and cpr training but can’t find a suitable place. Well, if it is not an excuse and you really are struggling to find a trustworthy, certified place, let us outline the factors to consider while choosing a first aid and CPR [...]

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5 Reasons to take CPR Training

5 Reasons to take CPR Training CPR training is not just for medical professionals. It is very much for non-medical people as well. You acknowledge how crucial CPR training is when you see an individual loss and pass out because of a heart attack and you are helpless to do anything since you [...]

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What Course Should I Take?

What CPR Course Should I take? Are you wondering what CPR course you should take? The best way to know the correct first aid & CPR course right for you is to contact the organization that is requiring the certification and ask them what course you need. We have developed a blog to [...]

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