BLS Certification Online

Heart and Stroke Foundation provides Blended Learning option for individuals interested in BLS Certifcation online. The Basic life support (BLS) blended learning combines online learning and in-classroom training together. BLS certification uses a variety of eLearning tools and media such as videos and includes an online exam module. BLS Certification Online Heart and [...]

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What is CAB Sequence of CPR?

CAB Sequence of CPR What is CAB Sequence of CPR? If you were trained in CPR prior to 2010, you might wonder why did the steps of CPR change to ABCs to CAB Sequence. According to Highlights of Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First Aid and CPR.The recommended sequence is to initiate chest compressions [...]

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What Course Should I Take?

What CPR Course Should I take? Are you wondering what CPR course you should take? The best way to know the correct first aid & CPR course right for you is to contact the organization that is requiring the certification and ask them what course you need. We have developed a blog to [...]

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