For the safety of yourself and the public, please read the instructions carefully. Our training classes will follow public health advice regarding workplaces and public gatherings when planning to resume our in-person training.
Please review our COVID-19 Training protocol:

Please complete the screening questions
If yes to one or more then: Please be advised you will not be permitted to attend the in-class training. Please contact your local health department and re-schedule your training as per their guidance.

Classroom rules:

• Participants must wear a mask or face covering when physical distancing cannot be adhered to during practice and testing.
• Participants will be required to maintain physical distancing requirements at all times.
• Participants must successfully pass the skills, written exam and complete full course duration as per course
requirement outlined by the Canadian Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation
• Maximum 10 people are allowed in the training facility (2 Staff members will be present)
• Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal pens/pencils.
• Please submit course payment to our email: [email protected]
• Please purchase the required ebook from Heart and Stroke – (eBook = RE2101ED) ** Ebook should be installed on your phone/tablet to review in class. (
• Cancellation policy: You must notify the instructor at least 48 hours prior to the class start date. Due to limited seats available, students will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee if the student is unable to attend or fails to show up.

By completing this form, you are confirming that the information provided herein is accurate, correct, and complete. Students must abide by the classroom agreement outlined by Brampton First Aid CPR and give consent for use of information to be shared with Public Health Authorities if needed for the case and contact purposes.

COVID-19 Screening Form