Different Levels of CPR Training

Before registering, it is important for students to know levels of CPR. There are 4 Levels of CPR which includes Level A, B, C and BLS. These levels are targeted to a particular audience since the general public is not getting the same training as those in the medical field. Levels of CPR [...]

Different Levels of CPR Training2021-07-09T14:24:41-04:00

COVID-19 CPR Training Update

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Brampton First Aid CPR wanted to provide cpr training update to our students. As per Heart and Stroke Foundation and Red Cross Recommendation, we will be postpone our scheduled CPR classes for the month of March 2020. This is to ensure safety of our students and staff members, we will [...]

COVID-19 CPR Training Update2021-07-09T14:28:40-04:00